Midas News Letter
October 2014 - Volume 001.

Initial Guide to Typo Online Advertising
Before planning an advertising campaign on any media channel, it is of paramount importance that target audience is set. Only if right audience is reached, your online marketing efforts will yield profitable results. Setting the target audience is the first step for your business venture to flourish. So, give a thought to what you are offering in terms of products, services, and ideas and who all will be interested and willing to use those.

It is equally necessary in online media, as well, that the targeted users are set and reached in the right way through online advertising strategies and efforts. While geographics aspect of target audience in online media is ignored as Internet is a medium which covers the globe, we tell you various sectors of consumable products and services and their corresponding target audience:

  • Politic, News, Government, Business and Finance: Men; Aged 30 and above
  • Automotive: Men; Aged 15 and above
  • Games, Gadgets, Sports and Recreation: Boys; Aged 12 to 25
  • Household, Food and Dining: Women; Aged 25 and above
  • Entertainment, Restaurant and Health and Fitness: People; Aged 18 and above
  • Beauty Products and Shopping: Women; Aged 18 and above
  • Study and Social Network: Children; Aged 10 and above

Now, as you know which section of people does your product or service cater to, you must pick your choice of advertising online and frame your ad accordingly. The most seamless and welcomed option to advertise online and reaching target audience is through typo errors. Here, we tell you the type of typo errors made by people online:

Midas Typo Chart

The above data is instrumental in ascertaining the chances of your advertisement showing on a prospect’s screen as he makes a URL typo error. Another aspect of online advertising is at what time will your target audience will have maximum chances of making typo errors. Time period when maximum traffic makes typo errors and jump into ‘page not found’ is between 6 pm and 11 pm.

By keeping all these things in mind, you must come up with a workable and practical advertising strategy which will give you maximum visibility and turnover. To help you with your typo advertising efforts, while giving you scalable results at the lowest prices, contact Midas Nervesis Advertising.