Promoting Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia 2013 (JUNS 2013) Conference through MIDAS Advertising Platform

Midas News Letter
June 2014 - Volume 002.

Brand Geeks Inc was granted the approval by the Ministry of Finance to organise Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia 2013 (JUNS 2013), the only Malay language satellite event of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 held in Kuala Lumpur in October 2013. Due to the high profile of the event and the short duration of the promotion period running up to it, Brand Geeks Inc engaged the Midas Advertising Platform as one of its promotion tools to quickly grow awareness of JUNS and direct traffic to its official website and Facebook page

The design team from Brand Geeks Inc worked closely with the Midas team to produce the most engaging advertisements which was then successfully launched via the Midas Campaign Management System. Throughout the one month campaign period, the Midas team continued to consult Brand Geeks Inc on the effectiveness of the campaign and tweaked the campaign accordingly to optimise the quality of viewership.


Within the first five days if the campaign, Midas recorded 1330 clicks of unique visitors and in total achieved 8060 clicks within the one month campaign. This was derived from a viewership that came close to 2.7 million views which is equivalent to 2.7 million people viewing the advertisement in a month. This large viewership came from a portion of the 6 million TM subscribers who had domain typo errors in their browsers.

JUNS 2013 was successfully organised on 9 October 2013 with over 200 participants and in 2014, Brand Geeks Inc has agreed to partner up with Midas as a promotion platform for Malaysian lifestyle products and services under the brand Malayseana.