Midas News Letter
July 2014 - Volume 001.

What is MIDAS?
MIDAS is a unique advertising strategy which uses “Page Not Found” as a platform.about This advertising service converts an invalid domain or a broken or dead link into a helpful and relevant advertising page. A study revealed that 20-30% are misspelled input in Internet browsers, known as DNS error. Make typo errors work for you with MIDAS. For example, if a user incorrectly types www.airasib.com, in the address box, MIDAS will push travelling advertisements instead of a “Page Not Found.” MIDAS is a great way to re-engage a visitor to your website.

MIDAS vs. Search Advertising
Search advertising requires placing ads through search engines, with their own specific advertising management platforms. Advertising is based on keywords wherein advertisers have to bid on specific keywords related to their industry. When searchers type in your keywords as a search query, your ads will appear.With MIDAS, you don’t have to think hard about which right keywords to bid on. When searchers misspell a query related to your product or service, your custom built ads will automatically be displayed instead of a “Page Not Found” page.

MIDAS vs. Website Advertising
Website advertising is a more obvious form of online advertising. Advertisers provide the ads to be displayed and integrated into a website. Samples of website advertising are pop-up ads, ads that play music and sound tracks, floating ads, and some websites ask users to pay a subscription fee to be able to access a part or all of the website.Instead of getting potential customers, website advertising could turn them away. Most Internet users get annoyed and irritated with this “in your face” advertising. Unlike with MIDAS, it offers visitors other options which might be beneficial to them instead of leaving the website.

MIDAS is the only advertising service in Asia which makes use an otherwise useless “Page Not Found” page. It is an alternative advertising channel aside from social media, search engines, and blog sites.Other countries are starting to take notice of the usability of the “Page Not Found” page. In Europe, the NotFound project utilizes the “404 Not Found” error to display ads for missing children. Thousands of children go missing every year in Europe and with the NotFound application, a picture of a missing child automatically gets published on every “Page Not Found” webpage. The initiative is in collaboration between Missing Children Europe and Child Focus.

Benefits of MIDAS

  • Increased brand awareness.There are 6 million Telekom Malaysia subscribers who can see your advertisement.
  • More customers.With this unique advertising platform one thousand potential customers will come to your gate and convert into 50 customers.
  • Cost effective.Advertising is expensive but with MIDAS, if a user doesn’t click through your ad, you are not charged for using the service. Our rates can go as low as RM0.42 per click!